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Precalc Test

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Did really badly on today's Precalc test. I'm thinking no higher than 50%, probably about 40. I stayed up last night to study for it, but there was just too much stuff, I guess. It was on trig and radians and sine, cosine, tangent, etc. waves, so it was enough for about 3 tests. Even if I get a 0 on this test, however, I'll still have a 76% average.


I think the best thing to do is just relax and play some RS, since I've barely played at all since before the weekend. I'm not even going to worry about the essay tomorrow- it'll be a breeze. 10, 15 minutes at the most. I never thought I'd be better at English than Mathematics. I used to hate writing essays with a passion. Now I think I'm going to be an English major.

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