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Finals + Lake

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With AP tests out of the way, I only really have finals in four classes.


Calc: I have a final on Tuesday, open ended, but I know how to do most of the problems, so it should be fine.

Spanish: I have my oral on Wednesday, but Spanish is easy so I can just wing that if I have to.

Everything else: (US History and Computer Programming II) is next week, so I'm set.


I recently rented a seedbox for a month, just to see how fast they really are. It's amazing. I've downloaded some new albums off of a completely legal torrent site of course (like http://www.clearbits.net/) just to test. It's not really a good investment, but I do get almost immediate satisfaction of anything I download. :mad:


This upcoming weekend, I invited my soccer team to my lake house. It's going to be an epic party, even if the water is only 60 degrees Fahrenheit. :wub: I can't wait... ten guys just bro-ing it out in one house for an entire weekend.

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