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A month ago there was the release of 'Forum Communities' on the RSOF, something which has been slated since release and is going to be made even more confusing tomorrow when more timers are being added. Guthix knows why.


Anyway, for those who want to forget that the silly things even exist, I've created a userstyle which will hide anything to do with the communities, simply leaving you with the 'Everyone' section to post in and explore. It is still possible to access threads in the other communities through profile and external links, but they will not get in your way during normal browsing.


The 'omg u r active in anotha communitee' messages when making a post are still visible to avoid any confusing errors when you forget that the silly system exists, but other than that any traces of the other communities have been removed. If I've missed anything, please say!


Get it now!: http://userstyles.org/styles/30772


(Sal's Realm in a platinum fansite (103-104-6-60844459), so there shouldn't be problems with referring people to this post if you want to spread the word)



Hide all the silly bloat (below) that you quite clearly don't care about!






In related news, the Runescape Website - Blue skin has had a couple of colours tweaked and some minor modifications made to work seamlessly with the above.

The Sal's Realm - Wide skin is also working again. :wub:

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