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Funny Steam Conversation With Leblanc.

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The Leet World


sheep.Montrose: your blog is ROLF?

^4Scooterkid74: Royal Omega Faking Legion

sheep.Montrose: Yea, I know.

sheep.Montrose: Im in the group btw.

^4Scooterkid74: Really?

sheep.Montrose: and I made the idea of a free faking community for the ROLF group.

sheep.Montrose: >_>

sheep.Montrose: where you can edit anything in the fake and post it on without any real "position"

sheep.Montrose: Ive been in Omega for a while now

^4Scooterkid74: Really?

^4Scooterkid74: I gotta be more active.

sheep.Montrose: i love ignorance

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