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  1. 1. Do you spit a lot?

    • Yes
    • No

A lot of guys seem to spit, a few of them even do it indoors. Do you? Why? Are you not able to swallow?




Seriously though.

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i dip and such. and i also smoke quite often as well. I must say that i spit alot and its due to the smoking. it makes my spit taste bad and i always havethe feeling like ive been smoking. idk mabye thats just me.

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I play baseball so spitting is routine and a subconscious thing.

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sorry for the poll i dont mean to be insensitive


my eyes have been opened though thanks for informing me

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I only spit after running

and then i still spit on the grass or places where nobody walks/puts their hands...


I find it discusting imo.

They should penaltise it like in china...

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