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Overthinking A Movie

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So I just cleaned through eps 2 & 3 and I realized something. Vader isn't a bad guy. I don't mean like, he isn't a one-dimensional evil character, I mean he's the good guy in the series and the Jedi are basically dicks.


Anakin was born a slave and then at a point where he was too young to really make any decisions for himself he is whisked from his mother and brought into a world of devotion to the light-side of the force, a religion that basically teaches one to give up the self to put only the needs of others to the forefront. He's a padawan who has to obey his master and the council, and that's fine for most Jedi - they come from free homes, and have a family - but to Anakin the world of servitude and devotion to others is the only world he has ever known. He is a little emo but I can't really blame him, his entire life is one of being powerless, and when he finally gets given some real responsibility, protecting Senator Amadala, again he has little or no input into the thing and must bow to the wishes of everyone around him. This gift of temporary self-determination turns out to be illusory.


He has nobody that truly cares for him as him, and his entire sense of worth, indeed the people that surround him like Kenobi, do so not for things that Anakin has done, but for things that he is powerless to control. He happened to be born with a high level of force-sensitivity, a variable like race or sex that is out of our conscious control, and that is his only value to others. His wants, wishes, and desires, his personality, his love for speeders, his jokeful nature, his creative swordsmanship, his passion for tinkering, are not what people care about him for, instead he is asked to repress all these things in order to serve others, others that place no value on him but his natural ability to be able to serve them.


Now don't get me wrong, he is also used by Palpatine, but Anakin has genuine and understandable concerns about the political nature of the Republic. To put it simply, Anakin is more on the conservative side and his concern is that equal weight is placed on all members, and in such a large body, a body that controls the entire galaxy, leads to frequent and pervasive political stalemates, and a lack of action. The Republic is analogous to a world government, and he sees the problems that a lack of dependence from such a supergovernmental body gives states that may not wish to follow every decision this U.N. hands down, despite being peaceful themselves.


Although Anakin is not a separatist himself, clearly he is not alone in this concern as the growing separatist movement in episode 2 attests to, concern that peaceful systems should be able to make their own decisions about their own local affairs without having to worry about some other system from the other side of the galaxy protesting and stopping the vote. Worse is that it is explicitly mentioned that the senate is corrupt, making change an even more pressing concern. It's an important point to note that Anakin never engineers the fall of the Republic, nor seeks to overthrow it or gain political power himself, but merely bows to circumstance after the fact, after serving the Republic to the end, even informing the council of the threat of Palpatine, and doing everything that is ever asked of him.



Despite all his sacrifice all Anakin wants to do is be free to give into a single emotion: love. But he is denied even this. As he himself says, if he did give in to this emotion "they would destroy us." Eventually, after giving everything he has to others, to see everything he has ever valued taken from him, he does eventually give into the only emotions he has left to give into: anger and hate. He is attacked by Kenobi, someone who claims to be his friend, but his words are laced with a plea "stop being independent Anakin, you must sacrifice for others, for the Jedi council." He has had enough, and for his "arrogance" at wanting to control his own life, and with Kenobi's defiance, Anakin finds himself horribly disfigured, a shell of a man. Meanwhile as the Jedi council collapses it seeks to regain absolute power over the galaxy in the name of "rebellion", a power that forces everyone to follow their religion of the light, with an ideology that calls for complete sacrifice of the individual to society, a society that the Jedi would control.


But the films present Anakin as naive and villainous. The music that plays when Anakin is on screen, the reactions of the other characters to him, all enforce this assumption that it is Anakin that is in the wrong, and that it is the Jedi that are good and wise, so much so that we never even realize it after being taken in with the pseudo- philosophical ramblings of little green men about the light side, the force, and the need to sacrifice the self in service to their ideology and design. Not that the Jedi are evil, but their religion of subservient unattachment and their push to politicize it clouds their minds. It is not the dark side that pulls a veil over the minds of the Jedi, but their own ideology.

The powerful, great words of Richard (Rediculuss)

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imo I think he was just angry about his mother dying.


then palpatine says "lol u coulda saved her if u were on the dark side"


so anakin thinks hes doing good. killing young children and all that.

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