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I Hate Excercising!

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Well, my day was a bundle of joy today! And in case you missed that obvious bit of sarcasm, my day sucked. My mom wants me to learn the Korean language. Apparently, she thinks the best way to do this is to write each word I find in the dictionary five times and repeat each definition to memorize them. Wee. Oh, and later, my baseball game got rained out. What does my dad do to compensate? He makes me run a mile, do twenty-five sit ups, fifteen push-ups, do five forty-yard sprints, ten bear-crawls, and ten bear-crawls on my back. I hate exercising. Plus, I don't even know if I spelled "exercising" correctly.


Irl sucks. I just want to be on Sal's and RuneScape where people understand me. But nope.

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