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A Sex Story

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Me and some guys go up to a big resort with a pool and try to hook up with some hotties. No hotties only some ugly girls tried to get a number anyways, they were unbreakable.


Go back to friends house and get our eat and look on and they had a few beers and we are off.


On my way there stopped at a gas station picked up some gum and chew. Me and little Levi are driving to town fair. (Next part is irrelevant) made out with girl from phone (Breanna and her friend she was with is Brandi, blue balls girl)


So I leave Levi with Breanna and I go with Brandi.


Later in the night I meet this girl Sylvia go on with my night get 9 other numbers so I am sitting there dipping with some guys and Sylvia calls me and asks what my plans were for later I said nothing and she asks if I want to go to her place.




I go with her and on our way back to town we pull over make out one thing leads to another and we fudge.


I go back to town and back home and yesterday this girl txts me up and shes like "omg call me plz." So I do, not sure why. She is crying I was like wtf is wrong and shes like we had sex last night and I'm like yup I know it was good too (was very good). She says I know but I forgot I had a boyfriend when I was with you.

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