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Is There Really Such A Thing As A Waste Of Time?

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Hai guise. As some of you will of noticed (LIE ALERT, I don't doubt nobody noticed and if you did then aw, I love you) I've been relatively inactive on Sal's for a fair old while. So I'm making a comeback. In both post and blog formats. I'll probably do many more blogs. I don't know that anyone reads my blogs but I reckon they're cathartic and fun. And help me to realise how weird I can be. Anyway, I'll make my blogs more varied from now on. Mixing in HAPPY THINGS and COMMENTS ON CURRENT AFFAIRS and EXPERIENCES OF ART AND CULTURE as well as the good ol' MISANTHROPY AND HERESY that I love so much.


Anyway, welcome back me. I notice the few people I was good friends with are either not so active on here anymore or have disappeared completely. There's positions opening to be my new best friend. You can sleep at my house and we can watch movies and paint eachother's nails. I'll tell you which boys I fancy at school. LOLOL. It'll be a f**king hoot.


SO ANYWAY, ET CETERA. Hi everyone.


End transmission.

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Recommended Comments

Welcome back Mr. Greives!


It seems your list of notable people have all left us. :(


Anyway, I've always enjoyed your posts! :D



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