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Methods To My Madness

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Veni vidi vici



So, I had to let it out. Now, let me explain to you my theory.

I do have some symptoms of low spectrum autism. I'm quite observant, slightly obsessive, stick to my guns, use everything matter-of-fact, look at everything from every angle, and my favorite thing to do - profile people. Now, some may say that I also display psychopathic tendencies, which I also do. This is just because of the slight autism. Though I have never been diagnosed, I think this is the most logical. I get frustrated with other people. Often. I do my best not to display it, and when I have trouble hiding it, I try and shut down. I'll just sit down and close my eyes. I like quiet. I like being on my own. Now, I do have many friends also, but I don't like large crowds of people, and lots of loud noise (again, probably some form of low spectrum autism). I don't like when other people are doing stupid things. For example, if some people at school are doing drugs (We have a relatively clean town, but as you would expect, drugs flow at my school), I'll look at it like this:

Why are they doing it? -> To get a temporary high -> Enjoyment, ease of pain, problems go away -> But, it is bad for your health, and takes away problems temporarily, and it is illegal, and you can go to jail for it. Many people in my family have died from smoking/drugs -> Negatives outweigh positives, backed up by personal knowledge, hence I won't do drugs. And if I were to do drugs, my grandfather would come kill me. Even though he is old, and weak, he would. He survived 4 years in the Pacific in WWII, he would never let me do it.


So, that is my theory. I enjoy computers because it gives me one thing to focus on. Quiet, independent, interesting.

So... You don't need to reply to this, but just my theory.


Oh, for the record: I am also aware that nobody really cares, more so having less of a human interaction, being on the internet, but this blog just helps me get things out. But, that is just me being observant :closedeyes:

Enjoy what is left of Summer... Fudge... It' almost fudgeing over...


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You're not autistic. It's just your personality; you're an introvert.

While that may be true, you'd probably have to meet me IRL to understand what I mean :P


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