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Mat Bateman For Distinguished Member Part 2

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Un0s responses in red

quotes are from mat bateman



But, the main problem is I have never been thanked for work I have done here.


Plenty of forumers work hard around here without thanks.



Lets see shall we. I spent hours looking through for misplaced topics in marketplace,


So do many others.


I have submitted items in the item database,


So has about half the forum and some of whom have submitted 100s yet I do not see them asking for thanks.


I spent forever doing a Edgeville City Re-write, I have submitted maps for the site, I have done old sticky re-writes


So have numerous others. What makes you think you are so special?



and I applied for the Newspaper, and I actually can't remember getting thanked, let alone decreasing my warn level. slanty.gif


In your application, you implied that your primary motive was to get a warn reduction. Basically your sole motive for being helpful is for a reduced warn and you desire a lack of warns because you hope for DM and later Modship. Don't attempt to deny this, it's fairly obvious.


Do you think the Staff is blind? Several Moderators have already told you - power hunger is an undesirable trait and no one who exhibits signs of it is considered for candidacy.


Why were your warns not lowered?


You practically demanded for your justified warns to be lowered for the sole reason of "It ruins my chances of Modship".



each and every single one of your warns were dealt after several verbal warns - many many chances indeed.



I get warned for doing something that takes 1 minute to fix up, but don't get reduced warn for doing something that takes hours


Some others only get warn reductions after a year or so, choosing to earn it rather than asking for a monthly warn review.

It hasn't even been a month and you're asking for a warn reduction?

Of course warns can be reduced under a month with good posts and behaviour. Sadly your behaviour cannot be said to warrant such a thing.


Basically your sole motives of "helping out" and such are merely because you hope for a Staff position and that in itself will be the reason why it will be a very long time before you are even considered.


As you have been told right from the start, help for the sake of helping, because you care for the forum. Not because you hunger for a different pip and moderator powers.


Basically, you desired Modship. Your efforts went nowehere. You decide to leave.



Seeya man, I hope no mods start pointing out this threads faults like they normally do in a leaving topic and just say goodbye. You were fun and a good member, seeya beret.gif


Oh I'm terribly sorry.


I suppose I should have kept quiet when the entire topic is screaming "I left because I can't get Mod".


Go un0, and bye mat (not that I don't like you or anything)


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