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Four Quests To Go! Or Five...

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Okay, this is probably gonna be another one of those pic-spam entries due to the fact I've done about a million quests since my last blog. xD But I'll try to put a little detail into this, despite the fact I've been putting it off 'cos I've been distracted by quests/combat training/dungeoneering.


Most importantly, of course - look how many quests I have left! :D :D :D (I've put 'Or Five...' 'cos of the August BOH I just read, rawrrr! *shakes fist at Jagex*) So here's an update on all the fun I've been getting up to in Gielinor:




Alright, so I didn't officially have all the requirements for this quest, so I had to boost Magic twice, but I'm so glad I did! Love Story was easily one of my favourite quests. I did have a picture of me kicking Zenevivia's butt in her throne room, but I saved over the image by accident. :( But it was a totally wild battle. :D I'd borrowed a Dragon Halberd (from Xel, I think) for the battle, since Full Of Pie had recommended that particular method of melee. It was way fun! I had my new deflect curses so it was their debut in a boss battle, and the storyline was so sad and sweet. And I love the music that was unlocked - they went straight into my RuneScape playlist. xD




I think I was meant to cry during this quest, but I was so hyped up about another boss battle that I kinda forgot to react at the sad part. Whoops! It was really intense though. Seeing Dorgushuun panic about the Big High War God (:D) coming to destroy everything was rather emotional, but Tanyakins and Zanik came to save the day once again. ;D So yay! I've yet to use Zanik's crossbow from the reward though, but I've heard good things about it.




OMG, how fun is the Pirate quest series?! It's been ages since I did a quest from the series, and I love being a pirate. xD I don't really remember much about this quest because I was kinda pooping myself about the boss, but he turned out to be a complete pushover anyway. :( So it was all good! I liked the underwater parts - any excuse to get out my fishbowl helmet, I suppose. :P And so after this was finished, I continued on with the next Pirate quest...




This. Was. Awesome. The prison 'break', the multiple beardy masks, the underwater treasure theft, the brass hand mechanics - ohhhh, it was awesome! I loved every minute of it, and the prison stuff especially made me laugh really hard. Accordion + seagull = chaos! :) I can't wait for Jagex to release the next quest of this series, although I'm not sure how long I'll be waiting. I wanna find out more about... ssshhhhh... Rabid Jack. ;D I finished this quest pretty early on in the day, so I looked through my depleting quest list to see what else I could manage in a day. After much persuasion from Canting, I decided to embark on the greatest quest of all...!




:D :D :D :D :D *soaks in proud moment* I can't believe I did it! <3333333 It seems only yesterday when I looked at the requirements, and stated I would never have the levels to do While Guthix Sleeps. But here I am, wallowing in the quest completion! The quest was so uberly long, but it was really interesting. Unfortunately, when I did Temple of Ikov, I wasn't really thinking straight and ending up siding with Lucien... xD So all the characters in WGS seemed pretty mad at me the whole time, but eh. :P Everyone makes mistakes, right?! And I'd like to think I redeemed myself a little by completely pwning that Balance Elemental. Man! That was a crazy fight. I was shaking like a leaf the whole time, and I kept messing up which prayers to use, but I finished the battle with a hefty one shark left - w00t! And it was totally fun beating up those Tormented Demons with boosted stats - yay for hitting 900s! And, um, I kinda cried at the sad bits. ;_; I won't say what they were in case there are actually any people who don't know the storyline (although I kinda blabbed about half of it in Canting, haha) but it was sooo sad. :[ But, yup. Big Scary Quest #1 is completed! Now there's only Big Scary Quest #2 to go... *shudder*




Back to the normal, sane quests now. :P What a difference, eh? Epic Balance Elemental to a fat birdy trying to eat goutweed. xD I don't really like troll quests, hence why I've left such a nubby quest till so late in my questing journey, but a new disease-free herb patch is always nice. :( And the confusion of escorting a troll called 'My Arm' was pretty fun. xD 'Your arm what?!'




Not sure why I left this one so late either! This was a really nice quest. It was good to find out the backstory of a few familiar Fremennik characters, and even the Mountain Daughter! That was a nice surprise. Um... yeah, I don't have much to say about this. xD And don't worry, the next quest is the last quest for this blog... :P




W00t, Invandis Flail! It's so pretty. I can't really say much about this quest 'cos I was on Skype to Karl, Zach, Tripp and Gonzy for most of the time, so it took me about 4-5 hours to concentrate enough to finish it. xD But I soldiered on, making sure to pay attention to the storyline (as I always do :)) and kicking Vyrewatch butt! I've got a high enough thievy (or is it agility?) level to escape Vyrewatch now by tricking them, and so it was even more awesome when I could thwack them with my sickle-on-a-chain. :P


And that's it for my epic quest catch-up. xD I've been real busy. And now I only have 4 quests to go: Dealing with Scabaras, Within the Light, Blood Runs Deep and Nomad's Requiem. I'll probably do them in that order too. Nomad is gonna be scaryyyyy...


In other news, a few other awesome/funny things have happened. Yay! *delves into Photobucket account* First of all, I got my Falador shield 3!




My ibis was around to witness the event. :D I've planted white lilies everywhere now, so hopefully they'll be grown and pretty when I log in after this.


Also, Krazy Karl 5 got 99 Cooking!






Sorry for the SD pics Karl. xD Yay for Cooking cape and untrimmed Woodcutting cape! You are officially a crazy person for training that much, Karl. :P


So, another awesome thing that's happened most recently was the Canting Away Summer Festival. It was 24 hours of madness and fun with all the Canters I've come to know and love, and it was easily the best days on RuneScape. :D I got to hang out with a lot of Canters I'd never spoken to outside of the cc before, as well as become friends with a whole other bunch of new faces! Unfortunately, my brain went kaput so I couldn't think of any fun events to host (maybe a quiz show for the Winter festival...? xD) but everyone's events were really fun. I won't go into as much detail as Merch, but here's an overview. :)


The opening event was hosted by Kayla, which involved a trip around f2p Gielinor picking up cabbages and cabbage-bombing the G.E. xD I got a bit mad at the insane amount of lag on my HD family computer, so I down-graded to my shoddy SD laptop for the duration of the festival. :P Fred's hide and seek event was really fun, and although I didn't find him at all, I did have a lovely encounter with a rev knight and the chaos elemental, resulting in my glorious death in the Wilderness. xD Vaskor luckily blessed my grave, so I only lost my Explorers ring, which I promptly retrieved again from my good friend Ned.


After that, a bunch of us went on a random trip to a PvP world to set fire to Varrock. xD Unfortunately, I only lit about 4 logs before getting pwned by someone's rune scimmy. >_> Ewww. I hate PKers, they're so emotionless. :P Afterwards, we went to mine a star in Keldagrim after Pie shouted out it's presence in the cc, but before that, I went into a Bounty World to unlock the music tracks. And then a really funny thing happened while I was there. xD I got assigned a target, and, well... it confused me, to say the least. (Clicky the link and look at my target's name xDDDDDD)


The star went well (although I did only end up with 186 stardust, which is still residing in my bank :P) and then we all went on a grand trip to the Brimhaven Agility Arena for Pie's flippertastic event! It was really fun. And it's left me with just under 300 tikkitz till 1000 Brimhaven tikkits, whoa! I went to sleep after that, and ended up missing Merchy's house party and Karl's Kalphite Queen obliteration, but I still managed to attend some awesome things like a picnic in a cow field, The Great Orb Project (which involved me screaming at Karl on Skype, which is always fun :D), Clan Wars, and the best event of all... Cossack took us to Barrows. xD And I think pretty much everyone in Canting knows why it was sooo totally awesome for me...




Wahahahahaha. <333333 6mil, thank you very much! Cossack got a Verac's plateskirt at the same time as me, and a wave of congratulations for both of us occurred. It was awesome. And now I'm back at green money again! <33333 I'm not sure what to spend it on, so for now, it's remaining as Nomad funding. :P After that, we went to KBD, who I've never visited before. He died in like 5 seconds flat each time. xD I think all of us got some loot, although Waste God and Nihil-ist seemed to get the most. :P Merch was on Skype for it too, and I really need to say that she is an amazing singer. :D


I went for my dinner, and came back to volunteer to staff a marathon waypoint. I gave out bronze bars to everyone who ran past me at the Lumbridge Guide, wishing them GL if I had time. :) And then we had a fashion parade at Varrock square. I wasn't really paying attention, but funnily enough, I won one of the awards. xD Yay! My casual flippery flowery outfit pwns, apparently. ;D And then we all went to pwn the Giant Mole with Waste God, which was equally entertaining as it was annoying. :P I don't think I'll be visiting him on my own any time soon...


The Giant Mole event finished, and I headed offline due to utter tiredness. Crazy amounts of RuneScape really takes it out of you. xD Unfortunately I overslept and missed the end of the festival, but I had a great time nevertheless. I love Canting. <333333333 Roll on 6 months!


Anywho, I'll update again soon with more questy goodness. :D Love love love. <3

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Omg this is such a long post. :|. I didn't read any of the quest descriptions incase they contain spoilers. Grats again on the insane barrow drops.

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nice post tanya :D i like your target , and your welcome for renewing your love for barrows :P

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