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All Ready For Xp Weekend

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so the XP weekend came up a lot faster than I thought it was going to. I have been farming and only managed to get 250 Kwuarm (haha, remembered what they were :P) before i could play no more and had to get in position.


My Plans for XP weekend:

1)Tree Run (5 yews and 5 papaya)

2)Farm Run (Kwuarm and sweetcorn)

3)Make Super Strength Potions

4)Werewolf Agility


am I forgetting anything? OH! I know.




Really, people take this thing far to seriously. :P


Lets hope Jagex doesn't mess up the math again. I don't really have my hopes up too high, but we will see.


(It occurs to me that I haven't had a random event in a while. >.< That means I'll probably get the maze or some other really long one right off the bat. fml)


HAVE FUN EVERYONE!! May you reach and exceed all your goals. :wub:

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