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Interesting Conversations On The Bonus Xp Weekend

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Much less exciting than last time - I've used 3:30 of my timer and doubt I'll log in again to use any more of it.


Stats before:



Stats after:



Runemonkey progress:



Ranged, Constitution and Magic were the Circus. Annoyingly, I failed as much this trip as I had in the previous 4, so the xp is lower than it could have been. Summoning is an inventory of Fruit Bat pouches when somebody mentioned that there could be a bug which allowed you to get the full multiplier (it only gave 1.1x).


Herblore was a load of Extremes (~900 Attack, 4-600 Strength / Defence), plus ~2.5k Brews and 20k worth of assist xp (Farming took the other 10k). I ended up running out of herbs 18k xp short of 94, so headed to Misc to get herbs for the last bit, so can now make Overloads with a Greenman's Ale (m). Smithing was just a few Mithril Platebodies after I'd finished with Herblore.


There wasn't the problem with randoms as last time, only getting 2 over the 3:30 in-game. Instead, time at the Lumbridge bank chest was made more interesting by the conversations.


There was the 'wft???@@?' as the multiplier reset to 2.7x, the answer being repeated for the following 20 minutes as the questions kept being asked. There were lots of 'grats' flying around. There was somebody alching to get 70 Magic who complained that it made their hands sweaty, to which a conversation started about how others had the same problem and getting 99 Magic was a real pain because of it.


...and I saw somebody run across the basement to the chest, so clearly had to make a comment.




Random conversations ftw! :)

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