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Sumoblitz - Variety

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I've got all the other achievements for Sumoblitz on FunOrb (it's a fantastic game :D), but Variety doesn't want to unlock. :(


As far as I'm aware, the description for the achievement is: "Kill 5 different enemies in a row"



Am I missing something, or is that exactly what I'm doing in the video, though without the achievement unlocking? This was recorded after the post in the 'FunOrb Fixes' (7-8-685-36811, page 8) which says "Variety achievement has been fixed. " - unless there's something that I'm not understanding, it doesn't appear to have been fixed. I've also checked and haven't accidentally unlocked it without noticing.


Any ideas about what I'm failing to see here? :box:

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I have no idea what is going on in that video i'm sorry to say. It looks very complicated, Im gonna go and have a go at it now :o

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