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Lumby Hard Diary

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I usually never know what I'm going to do when I log in. Since I don't really have any goals I'm all over the place. Lately I've been trying to gather strange rocks, but you actually have to train con now so that's not gonna happen. :( So I was off looking for something else...


Then I figured it out; Lumbridge Hard Diary. I loved the Lumby diaries when I was a f2p. It was the perfect thing when I was just starting out. I opened up the scroll and the very first one. "Smith a mithril platebody on the anvil in the Draynor Sewers" sounded easy enough... in theory. Turns out though that you need 68 smithing to complete this. *looks over at stats* :( That's fine. I'll just do everything I can. Nearly everything else was doable. Though I did end up having to make that cake 3 times because I kept eating the chocolate. This happens irl as well. :( Then there was runecrafting. Damn.


Now all I have to do is get 68 smithing. I bought the gold ore and I am currently in Edgeville slowly going insane. I figure since I'm already there anyway, I'll go ahead and cut my losses and make gold amulets. I'm still losing about 500k, but I can easily make that back once I get back into fletching. Plan=Made


Runecrafting however... I don't even know. I hate rc for the most part. Nature runes are somewhat tolerable for a little while, but I don't think I can go 8 lvls. I have heard of other ways to train, but I have never tried any of them.


Oh, Guthix, I just looked up how many nature runes I would have to make to reach 57. 12,231. Damn. Oh well, that just means more profit when I'm alching my Magic Longbows.


Wish me luck...

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Though I did end up having to make that cake 3 times because I kept eating the chocolate. This happens irl as well. dry.gif


That made me giggle. xD

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Natures are some how very tolerable. Just remember you will make a lot of money off those natures, i suggest the abyss method, unless you can summon a spirit Gharrack. (lol, i r fail speller)

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Spirit Ghraak*


They way I did natures before 57 summ was fairy rings ^_^


Use fairy rings, go to the fairy ring near to the ghraak spot (can't remember what the code is), and then glory to edge. When you've banked, run to the fairy ring outside of the G.E walls.


Its safer than the abyss at least :D

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Hey, we're (roughly) in the same boat with smithing!

However, with the RC one-you don't need that level! all you need to do is get 50 or so Runecrafting, and keep trying. You jsut need a little luck, I did it first time at 54. Just train rc, by making water runes ;) . You can get water gloves from fist of guthix for double xp if you like. It's not as bad a task as it sounds.

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