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Deep Wildy Adventure

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Upon logging in this morning I realized that I was no longer members. That sucked, because I really can’t train Fletching on free play can I? :/ So I battled against the great boss known as paypal trying to convince it that though I may not have much money in my account I do have enough to pay for a month of membership. Barely. It wasn’t having it though. After a few minutes of complaining and playing with the numbers I realized that the card that was on my paypal account was out of date. :) Noob mistake.


Finally settled in my pay play home, I started noticing that Merch Gwyar was luring people into her house. Curious I ran to the bank and nabbed a ring of dueling to head to Yannille and just walk in to her house as if I was invited. :P Then I saw what all the commotion was about. Merch got her loverly Demonic Throne.



Isn’t it pretty. :3 (yes I know I’ve already posted this pic, but it’s just too epic to not post it again).


There were a few people around and I met a tree brother while I was in there. Our very own Whiskas. :) (funny that I never knew him when he went by that name, but I can never remember how to spell his current name ^^; ) We managed after many fails to get a synced emote.




We milled about the house for a while until it ended up just being Merch and me in the house. We canted for a bit about this and that. We had checked the telescope earlier, and the location was somewhere in Wildy in about an hour’s time. By this time however I had all but forgotten about it, and didn’t really think much of it since our last Wildy star had been such an epic disaster. Fun, but still one of the scariest time I’ve ever spent on runescape (see ”Twinkle, Twinkle” ). Merch was ready to go though, so I tried to get ready as fast as I could. Which wasn’t very fast as Merch could attest. I’m not very used to going into Wildy. So I kept forgetting to stuff that I would need. Somehow, I didn’t even notice Merch leaving Edgeville bank, and was suddenly seeing that she was checking star drop sites already, but soon we were back together and we were off.


And then we got separated again… still not really clear on how that happened. :) But she said go to woosh so I went searching for woosh. When I found it the first time sent me to L50 checking the map I got a decent idea of where I was. A bit east of the Mage Arena, k. Before I could do much more I was attacked by an unknown rev and wooshed out before I could even think of fighting back.


Finally, the star was found! Ironically it was the exact same place as the previous Wildy star. :) The irony, nor the foreboding was lost on me. As I was running up to meet Merch there, she was attacked by a werewolf rev! I tried to help (as little as I could), but it was single combat. I cheered her on a bit until she waved me off to mine the star. Hearts exchanged back and forth as she battled the rev. I think I got about 40 stardust when I was attacked by a hobgoblin rev. :) These things were everywhere. I picked away at him. Stuffing my face as needed. Merch cheered me on. :) Finally I beat him! I head back to the star feeling rather proud of myself… then we are attacked again. Two hobgoblin revs came out from behind the building. I try to take on one of them, but an ork rev came out of nowhere and two hit me. D:


Then I was in Fally. At this point, I was done. I didn’t want anything to do in Wildy or Revs… but Merch was still there. I know that Wildy isn’t her favorite place in the world, and I had heard of and seen her panic attacks. She wasn’t going to stay there by herself. I hoped she had found a way out, but it was soon clear that she was stranded. Did I mention that we both forgot knives? Yeah, so she had no way to get to the Mage bank and to safety. We tried to lure some people up there to help without actually begging for help, but it didn’t work. I tried to go back for her once, but I was trapped right next to the bank lever because I was teleblocked with an Ork and Knight rev ganging up on me. I died, again. This reset my tombstone and wouldn’t let me get there in time to save anything. Oh well. I saw that Merch found a safe spot and sighed in relief but I didn’t know if she also found a way out yet. She didn’t. *bitesnails*


I took a deep breath and started back out. Completely naked, with only two knives and a bunch of fish I was running back into Deep Wildy. The discussion turned to what I had lost. Nothing really, just black d’hide bottoms, stardust, some monks… MY GOGGLES! I tried to play it off. Mentally, I was already allotting off some of my money to be spent in replacing them. It was miraculously clear as I was running down to where the star still sat. I ran to the very convenient stair case right next to it. *plots it down in memory forev--- oo shiny* Found her! I was going to mention that she looked more like she was lounging then cowering, but her utter shock that I came for her took me off guard. What else was I supposed to do? Leave her? Pffff. No. Supplies passed hands and we steeled ourselves for going back out there. We are woman hear us… run for our lives!


We were in the bank! We managed several deep breaths before we did anything. She started to trade me and I saw that she was offering over her goggles! :/ :/ :) You have no idea how much that meant to me. Fifteen mins later she also handed over some black d’hide and a load of sharks. :)


****Sharks hold a special place for me when it comes to Merch. It was when she caught her first giant shark that got me to join Runescape to begin with, and ever since then she hands them to me almost every time we meet up. :)****


We dicided that it would be a good idea for us to strip down to default clothing only and a knife and go explore the area. That we could never say that we didn’t know where everything was and where the best places to hide were. It was a very short trip for me as I we were ambushed right outside the lever and I was back in Fally.


I wanted to stay longer and see how Merch faired, but Real Life happened and I had to run. It seems her adventures continued on. :/ Check out her side of the story HERE

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