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I'm Going To Buy A Baby Gorilla.

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Aside from everything except what is aside for what this aside, there is some "good news" in one of my many areas of interest. My band is releasing a single next month (which will be available online on iTunes, Spotify, etc. as well as in physical form from local record shops in Leeds, although that will only interest those of you from Leeds and "those of you from Leeds" refers to an overwhelming minority but shut up, yeah!?) and I am excited.

Having been together for about a year or so, we have enjoyed relatively rapid success having played countless (not literally countless, I'm just not in a counting mood) shows with very big names and we've been given wonderous reception everywhere we've been. So earlier this year we got in the studio with our friend and former de facto manager Whiskas (if you've heard of ¡Forward, Russia! then you may know of him) and recorded two new tracks; a single and a b-side. He worked his magic and we teamed up with a local record label who were more than happy to get involved and help us put out a 7" single.

The main incentive was probably the large amount of people who asked us after the show if we had anything they could buy and our answer was always "No, sorry!" but now it will be "Yes, you fool! Yes we do!" which is nice.

We're doing a mini UK tour next month to support the release including a launch party show in Leeds and dates in Manchester, York, London, Glasgow, Sheffield and Newcastle so if you live nearby any of those places then pop along, yo'.

With regards to my other areas of interest; I'm about a quarter way through writing my first novella, I've nearly finished a series of drawings for a new exhibition I'm working on (I've about 4 left to complete), I've starting meeting a new bass player to start yet another band and that is looking promising, I've got back to writing my surreal and darkly comic poems and the Leeds International Film Festival starts next month for which I will be buying a mega pass to see as much as I can. I will write a blog about the film fest when I get a chance.

I think that's about all for now. Love and peace.


P.S. I truly can't be bothered to spell check this so go away.

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Damn you, Andrew! :pirate:

As long as people hear it then I will be happy.

Should get a bit of radio play anywayz.

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