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Odd Plots

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Over the past few weeks I've been having some Grad Film Anxiety. With capital letters.


In my case this takes the form of tons and tons of ideas, plots and premises going through my head, none of which will ever see the light of day. Most of them are ideas about weird superpowers, but one of them was an amazing dream that would make a cool videogame... that also included weird superpowers


I was thinking about a girl who had the power to reappear somewhere nearby whenever she died. The main drawback of this is that when she came back, she would be exactly as she was at the age of 13 years, 97 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes and 4 seconds. When she dies, every bit of matter that had made up her "original" body disappears and remateralizes to make her "new" body. Depending on how long it was since the last time she died, she might leave a corpse/parts of a corpse, she might leave the food she had eaten in various stages of digestion, or she might not leave anything at all. Every time she dies she loses any skills, abilities, or associations she didn't have at thirteen, but she retains all her long-term memories, even newer ones. For instance, if at 45 she loved someone deeply and died, in her next life she would rationally remember why she loved the person without being told, but it would be like knowing a story about someone else. When she came to life again she would have an irrational dislike for people she disliked at thirteen, be wearing the same clothes and be at the same state of fatigue, hunger, thirst and other such bodily functions as she was at the exact time she was "frozen". She would be the exact same person as she was then, except she had the additional memories of all the other someone elses she used to be.


After a couple of iterations of this, she gets sick of having to go through life as a different person with the memories of who you used to be, but none of the affect. After thinking about possible solutions she finally decides that at 10 PM each night she will commit suicide and come back to life as the same person every day. This way she wouldn't have to experience all the massive changes that come along with waiting decades for yourself to die naturally, and she would have a sort of eternal youth and health, even at the cost of being eternally underage.


I don't really know where the idea goes from there, but I sort of imagine Suicide-Girl (as I've dubbed her) to bounce around from orphanage to orphanage, travelling around towns as a perpetual street urchin, or performing extremely life-threatening services for money. I was toying with the idea of Suicide-Girl selling a kidney for money, and then killing herself right after she can get far away enough so the buyers won't find her.




Another idea I've had is a rather weird one about a society of quadrepedal creatures that base their economy on prostitution. Theft, especially theft from the community, is considered the greatest crime that can be committed, and is punishable by things ranging from mutilation to death, depending on severity. The creatures are sexually dimorphic. Females never stop growing, but they do slow down around the age of 20 or so, which is about twice the age when males stop growing. There are periods of frequent rain on their planet, which happen only once every 15 years or so, and lasts for about a year. This time is about the only time the creatures get together. Most of the time the females are solitary obligate carnivores with large territories, and the males travel in packs from territory to territory, usually as rape gangs (which is still not as bad as theft).




The dream I had took place in a post-apocalyptic setting where I awakened the spirit of the world. She sent my friends and me on a quest to restore all the lesser elemental spirits to sanity, and in some cases, life. In the process she gave us all powers. My best friend* was given the ability to aim and shoot with a near-impossible level of speed and accuracy. Our leader was given the power to move almost as fast as sound for short bursts, and a secondary gift of being able to withstand massive impact, heat and friction. The blonde boy who was also my friend could use a sort of geokinetic ability to create massive tunnels that we could drive our van around in covertly. I was given the ability to turn invisible.


The four of us went around killing nature spirits and restoring them to their proper states of mind. I remember defeating a huge groudon-type dragon and traveling through a city overrun with survivor-gangs. The only way we made it was with a careful use of my invisibility and the blonde kid's tunnels. There was even an ocean spirit who could take the form of a gargantuan tortoise and ferried us across the ocean.




My favourite scenario, however, is the one where there is a race of winged humanoids that deliver mail and goods, and work in emergency services in a world that has no natural oil reserves. Most things are solar powered, and solar batteries haven't been developed to the point where aircraft could safely cross the ocean. Ships are also slow and cumbersome and most deliveries take months to reach their proper destination.


* For some reason she was Revy from Black Lagoon. Lord knows why she didn't already have improbable aiming skills.

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I really really really like the first idea, though it would likely open up a few more plot dynamics if she were about 15-16... *wanders off to have a think*

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I love the first one too, seems like a really interesting idea :wub:

You need to get on Skype more often! You're slacking again, and that makes Lynda and I sad D:

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Wow, sleeps you have such a epic imagination! Write a book! I :heart: books, filled with lots of random short stories.

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These are very interesting ideas indeed. I wish I had ideas and dreams as vivid as you do.

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