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Race To 99 Cooking Day 2

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with this lvl I am done with lobsters :lol: Off to monkfish.




The guide I read to use swordfish until 90, monkfish are so much cheaper and are worth more xp. If I use Lumby Kitchen, the few I burn doesn't even make a difference. I did a test, if I use Rouge's den I burn about 1/10. If I use Lumby Kitchen I only burn 4/75. Quite a bit better. I can hang out in Lumby for a few days until I hit 90. Then go to Rouge's Den for the rest.


*crashes from exhaustion*

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'llo Aqua! It was nice talking to yeh in the game today. Good luck on 99 Cooking!

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thank you! :wub:


Are you going to play more? I had conspiracy theories when you first disappeared. lol. Glad to see they weren't true. :P

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I'm thinking about it, I paid for a month of members, just to check out what it's like again. I'll be on and off for the next month, at least. As for the conspiracy theories, I can honestly say.... 'no comment.' :P

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