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Race To 99 Cooking Day 6

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I decided to take a small break to do the Halloween Event. It was quite a bit of fun, and a lot less annoying than last year's event. The spider puzzle almost stumped me, but as I was waiting for a video guide for it to load I finishined it. Random clicking ftw. ^_^





I love the new emote.



The Bone Broach is pretty nifty as well.


Back to cooking.



After I hit 90 I decided it was worth it to move on to sharks.






After 95 what do you think... Stick with Sharks or move on to Rocktails?


And on an RL note:

Don't by Halloween candy 2 weeks before the 31. 1) It's expensive as all get out [wait until Nov 1, way cheaper :D ], 2) you and your tummy will regret it. Yay for Senna tea. Helps with a lot of dietary mistakes one would make. ^_^


I should probably make a pot of Yerba Mate in the morning. Definitely wouldn't hurt since I have been sick lately and it will help build back up my immune system.


how the hell did I start talking about tea on my rs blog? :P time for sleep everyone.

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Once the gaunts didn't burn them I just did sharks all the way to 99. I bought 2k at a time and cooked and sold and xp flew in. :P :wub:

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Dear god, you've passed my Magic in less time than I thought possible. >.< I need to get back to training!

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