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Race To 99 Cooking Day 10

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I took a break to do pengs. I really enjoy peng hunting, don't know why I hardly ever do it. It gave me 54 Prayer and I am *finally* combat level 90! :D



I stopped by the GE to sell all my cooked sharks and by some more raw. Those things are taking a long time to buy here recently. While I waited I gave myself a makeover. I <3 Halloween, but I think I like this color scheme enough that I'll keep it. :) (ok, it isn't all that different from what I have been wearing, but it took me a ridiculous amount of time to find the right colors that I liked. :) )


I :) Eek!


I think it is so funny when people have matching names. I'm always stuck between. "aww, that's cute" and "Wth? You can be friends with your own names." But that's just me. :P I found these to down in Rouge's Den.


Yo Its Lmao & yo its lmaoo


Now cooking:




about 400k till 97 :) sooo close.




Soooo Party stuff. when would be a good time to set it on monday? I have a bunch of tests in the hospital that day so it will either have to be really early (like 5-7am CST [11am-1pm GMT]) or really late (after 8pm CST [2am GMT]). I could also just hold off till later.


any ideas?


I have the location though. I am going to get the 99 on the Roving Elves fire. ^_^ It seemed exotic. lol. Then walk (or just pass out Lumby tel tabs if we're feeling lazy or scrapped for time and walk from there) to the cooking guild.

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