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This is the last time I am going to talk only about cooking in my blog. :xd:


Last pic of my woodcutting cape untrimmed.



We finally all gathered together (we all know gathering Canters is like herding cats :xd:) at Barbarian Village and made a train over to the everlasting fire located there. Everyone started dancing around the the fire. Then I placed the last fish (which was freshly caught by Marcos :devil:) onto the fire and it happened.



Prettyful cape :D



Randomness with (from l-r) Marcos, Tanya, Ambo, Rachy, Pie




Then Fred came!! :P and joined in the crazy





Thank you so much guys!!! :P :wub: :wub:



I just realized... I never got a pic of emote. -.-

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And OMG! I'm sorry I wasn't there! I'll be honest, I forget. I don't think you know, as it wasn't publicised on our other forum, but Saya's mum's been missing. She went hiking on Saturday and didn't come back. A freak storm left waist high snow in the area that she was hiking. Saya sent me details and a photo, so I basically e-mailed witchy friends around the world with it. When I should have been at your party, I was actually mid ritual, asking Elen of the Ways to find Saya's mum. It utterly slipped my mind. Sorry. :(


The good news, however, is that her mum has been found safe and well. :yay:

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Fred: Thank you again! :wub:

Merch: Oh no! D: I'm glad she's ok. I knew that real life happened. :hug: There is always next time. :D

Aximili & Tainted: Thank so much! :D

Kuemper: :xd: :xd:

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