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November Highscores

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What do you know... Dungeoneering actually made the hiscores this month. :)


I have still been questing.


Scorpion Catcher was a fun little quest... other than the first scorpion. I really need higher agility so I can take those Taverly Dungeon shortcuts. :P



I needed King's Ransom done for Seers' Village Hard Diary... but I still don't have 70 prayer so... yeah.



Rag and Bone Man was a very easy quest. The only hard part was that I got confused between desert goats and rams. lol



OMG... ok... Contact!... this quest deserves every blasted bit of it's reputation. I died 2 times (4 if you count the maze part). In the end I got my Iban Staff and blasted him to death while shoving sharks down my throat as fast as I could because the protect from mage doesn't help much with the rangers that he summoned. :) But he's dead and that is all that matters.

And of course no one was in canting when I finally beat it. :D isn't that how it usually goes? lol




I need to start actually writing blogs again instead of gushing after pictures. lol.

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Recommended Comments

Ooh, gratz on completing contact! :)


And, do rfd. I quite enjoyed most of the ones I've done so far.

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