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Throw A Rock In The Machine.

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Herein find; a story of a friend who became a moron and reverted back within half an hour or so.


I've a friend whom I consider to be refreshingly rational, intelligent, logical, et cetera. I find we have much in common, not least in terms of our views on major moral/ethical/political issues. I've never heard him say anything that would make think "Are you serious?" until yesterday. A few of us were sat around talking about whatever and we eventually came upon the topic of conspiracy theories. Soon enough we'd agreed the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory was hilarious (particularly the "Loose Change" video, which I still think may be some kind of post-modern comedy video that people haven't got yet), that Elvis is probably dead, Diana's car accident was a car accident, David Icke is a nice guy but definitely f**king nuts, little naked aliens didn't land in Roswell, the moon is not full of Nazi's, FEMA is not going to kill millions of people in purpose built concentration camps, and most importantly; GLOBAL WARMING IS DEFINITELY F**KING HAPPENING.


Upon all these things we agreed. Then my dear friend admitted he thinks the Apollo moon landings were faked. What a berk. My first reaction was to laugh, then solemnly weep in the corner. My first question was this; "Why would they fake the moon landing?" and the response was "They had to win the space race, and it got them a lot of money". Fair enough, I don't doubt that corruption is rife in the world we live in, and I can see why the USA would want to win the space race. Let's move on then, what evidence have ye? Here went a series of bad pseudo-scientific observations; the likes of They plant a flag, it then moves in a breeze. There's no wind on the moon. They plant a flag. I agree with this. It moves. I agree with this. There's no wind on the moon. I agree with this. "It moves in a breeze" - NO. It moves because it has been moved. When you move something; it moves. Yes? See? They got the flag out, stuck it on a pole and shoved it in the ground. When you do that, you're going to create motion in the flag, and that flag isn't going to stop moving because you've let go of it. Momentum, yo! My friend agrees that this makes sense and considers this nugget now void. There are no stars in the sky! They're on the moon, where's them stars at!? Take a photo on a camera and, unless you have a super mega camera, you won't be able to simultaneously capture (to any reasonable degree) something very bright and something very dim. You have to select what you want in range and take a photo of just that. You have to underexpose the sky to get the daytime exposure of the 'nauts. As with many of these issues, if they were real problems, how the f**k would NASA have managed to forget about them when "faking" the moon landing!? I'm sure they didn't film the fake landing, put it out into the world, sit down and then think "OH S**T! WE FORGOT TO ADD STARS IN THE SKY!" He had a lot of other points relating to photos and film that he had on his laptop; all of which we debunked. Furthermore, the USSR didn't give kick off at all. If they thought there was a chance the USA faked the moon landing then I don't doubt they would have hooted and howled about it everywhere. But they didn't because they're not idiots.


Anyway, my friend (restoring his capacity to be rational) decided he had been wrong and agreed the moon landing was not faked. This is a rare thing, when someone changes their mind. I had a lecturer in University last year who told us he used to believe this theory for years and years. Then a student wrote an essay that totally disproved it. The lecturer then shook the students hand and admitted his beliefs had been wrong. You can be as logical as you like, but until you're that open, you can't really call yourself truly rational. Thereby my friend redeemed himself and all was well.


If you have any evidence that the moon landing was faked then feel free to tell me about it. I'd be happy to look at it and I'm open to changing my mind, if the evidence is there.

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Mythbusters pretty much covered it all in my opinion. Moon landing was real, not faked :)

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