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Luos Rebbur

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Merch Gwyar


I have just heard, via Fred's blog, that a valued member of Canting Away has died IRL.


Luos Rebbur was enticed onto Runescape, and into Canting, by her real life friend, Kayla (aka Cougarsrule9, aka Kayalalyak). I didn't get to cant with her much, as we belonged in different timezones. Even so, it was obvious how well-liked and respected she was. The few occasions when I was there, when she entered, I saw a massive outpouring of greetings. Those who knew her well were always glad to see her. In our scant conversations, she did seem to have a vibrancy and vitality, that made her a lovely personality within the ensuing conversations.


It's sometimes difficult to get the measure of an individual via pixels. This is especially true when they are one of 100s of people floating in and out of Canting, at any given time. However, Kayla knew her IRL. She held her in such regard that she hunted me down with a request. Kayla was prepared to give up her generalship (which she'd held from the beginning) and her place on my friend's list (which had been secure since the days when I only had about 20 people on there), in order to let Luos Rebbur get her silver star. That made my jaw drop right there. (I got her a star from elsewhere. I made it a priority.)


I wish that I'd known her better than I did. I know that a lot of Canting members did. My heart goes out to Luos Rebbur's family and friends. This is for Luos Rebbur. A classic track from 'Rubber Soul':


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I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Luos either. However, still very sad news :(, RIP.


Hope Kayla's doing as best she can.

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Oh.. shizzle. I didn't know it was Luos..


I'll miss her :(


My condolences to her family and friends..

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Is it bad that I'm not sad? like Im not happy, but im still not sad.


No, if you didn't know her you shouldn't be sad. It is bad to post that you're not sad on a grieving blog entry, though.




She was a fighter, definitely. I thought she was getting better. Miss you Luos. <3

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I'm so sorry to hear... Unfortunately I've never had the chance to really talk to her. But from what you've said she seems like a great person. I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope her family and friends are doing well, especially Kayla.

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Again one of the people that didn't know Luos, i agree totally with Massecure and i'm really sorry to hear this.

commiserations to friends and family and hope your ok kayla <3

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Don't really know what kind of comment to give this entry, I didn't have the chance of meeting her much in canting, I suppose I'm sad that there's one less person I could meet in canting, from what I've heard it sounds like she would have been a good person to know.

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I never knew people could die who I knew. Too sad to post a smiley face anywhere. How old was he/she may I ask?

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