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Bonjour, Ça Va?

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Well, it sure has been a while since I posted something here. I'm still impressed I hold #4 for most blog views. Good times, good times. Here's just a quick life update. I'm a senior in high school in horribly, ridiculously evil classes. President of three clubs and officer in two others. For some reason people think it's a good idea to let me lead things. Oh well, I'll try not to disappoint them too quickly. I speak French now; that's pretty fun. I went to Costa Rica last summer for the second time. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Did I mention awesome? Awesome. There's not much. I'm almost 18. Just finished all college apps a couple weeks ago. Now working on scholarships. Life is really great. I miss this old place. I probably won't be super active, but I hope all is well. May everyone have a great holiday.

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