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Live A Little, Axolotl.

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Here's where I am; I've stopped drinking, I'm still smoking, I've stopped eating terrible food, I'm still taking lots of drugs, I've stopped pretending to care, I've started a noise rock band. I've stopped. I'm swell.

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Well I'd started a few weeks ago trying to eat better, verging on vegetarianism. It found it wonderously easy to do and figured I might as well see if there were any other changes I wanted to make. Having decided I don't like the way I am when I'm drunk, I don't like other people when they're drunk, I don't like the specific drinking culture I'm currently steeped in (that being the University student lifestyle of getting drunk and going out to bars and clubs) and I don't like the amount of money I spent on getting drunk. The main problem is that every time I've been out to a club or bar I've decided the next day that it was pointless, expensive and that I was surrounded by people I very much did not like. Anyway, I'm now happily happy with everything, I've still got the wonders of drug abuse and I'm still eating awfully tasty food. It's actually really uninteresting but it's been a slow week or two.

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I'm very curious to know what living a little has to do with a real-life wooper. The title is very confusing.

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It's just my signature literary masturbation. The word "axololtl" is there to contrast with the word "little". Because the relative opposite to a little is a lot, so the phrase "___ a little, ___ a lot" would be grammatically pleasing. Even more so would be "___ a little, ___ a lottle" just to have more symmetry. Unfortunately lottle is not a real word, but axolotl is, so I used that to create the same effect. Essentially it's justified syntaxically as "live a little, ax a lottle". Got it?


I'm actually a genius


Take a peek my other blog titles and you may find they don't always serve to be compact summaries of what lies therein.

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