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Poor Noob Got His Whip!

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I was minding my poor business doing Runescape when I saw that whips were crashing. So I said to myself, I should buy a whip. So I sold some crap and did a few clues and I was at 1.5 mil. Then XX3070 spotted a Dragon Impling near Oog'Log and I said I would catch it. I dipped into the hunter pool and got it and looted it for 500k worth of Baby Dragon Bones! 2 mil! Then I sold some more crap and went to Aviansies and got another 400k then I collected my kingdom resources and did another clue. I bought the whip at 3 million even! I have named her -Kayla- after my like 3rd best friend and in memory of Ferus Diety and his whip named Stephanie. I have no pic because this compy sucks but maybe later :D

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