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Noob No More!

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yeah so I did so much stuff today I can't really find the time to write about it because I'm tired out. @[email protected]


First I went and did The Temple at Senntisten, and it as a nice medium level quest. Well, I considered it medium level, but I'm a questing pro. ;D



Next, because the quest got me so close to a level, I went and got 71 Prayer at the good ol' ectofunctus and managed to get 1800 total along the way! Hooray! I'm officially high-level now! (Well, by total level standards that were set by no one in particular...)



Sometime after that I went runecrafting because it's my lowest non-dungeoneering skill (only one below 65+, actually) and I finally decided to get it to 60+ at least. I got one level before I quit and went back to maging. :D



While I was runecrafting I saw this guy. I dunno why but his name just made me laugh. Probably because I'm such a quest nub.



And then after that I went and got 93 Magic!! Woo! I can Vengeance Others now! Well, without boosting. Speaking of which, my first veng other was on Eman, who I gave some seeds to while he works on 93 farming. He said he was going to get it tomorrow morning when I won't be on so here I'll just say CONGRATULAMATIONS TO EMAN ON 93 FARMING!!!!11!!!!!! :D :wub:



Oh, I also figured out that I can boost to 96 and Spellbook Swap with magic essence potion! This means I can more or less stay on Lunar all the time, which is awesome because Lunar is my favorite spellbook. :wub:


Eman and I had lots of adventures today and I got special baskets of fruit and gave away yew seeds and went to visit my kingdom and there we met a new super best friend and stood around wondering why she was staring at us and then we chatted to her and then we went to the ge and did stuff and then we went back to the kingdom and the new friend was still standing chatting via pm and then we stood around until she noticed us and then we invited her to join Canting and then we said goodnight and good fun was had by all and this sentence is reaaaaallly long. *breathes in and out rapidly* Yeah.


So before I logged I put in an order at the Grand Exchange for 9k ammys + runes for 94 because Eman told me to hurry and get 94. :wub: So, now I have like 2m cash... once I get 94 I'll have to do a lot of slayering to get my cash reserves back. :wub: Oh well, it'll be worth it. Until then, I have lots of amulets to string! The question is, which bank should I string them in?




EDIT: LOL I just noticed that I got the rcing level before the prayer level. Like I said, lots of stuff happening. Oh well, I'll leave it the way it is because it's funny. :wub:

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With my luck I'm having you might be on when I get 93 :P None of my plants are growing >:(

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