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Love Killed The Dinosaurs, Man.

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"Uhh...Meen....I'm pretty sure a meteor killed the dinosaurs."


Wrong! There was a meteor, and it killed all the big dinosaurs, but is it really realistic that it killed all of them?! No! The metor just evened the odds between reptiles and mammals, but the reptiles would have been built up again to their former glory if it wasn't for the mammal's inexplicable ability to prevail under the most unlikely circumstances for their family and friends.


So there we have it, love killed the dinosaurs.


Remember where you heard it first.



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love killed the dinosaurs.
I never knew that... I have to brush up on my knowledge of dinosaur theories. -.- Cool blog entry. I don't know if everyone is ready for the truth though. :(

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What do you mean love killed the dinsosaurs? You mean dinosaurs imbred with tiny mice? :sAnd that was a joke.

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