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Penguin Hunting And Manners

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Merch Gwyar


I've had my long, soul-destroying hours trapping penguins. The actual trapping is fun, as is much of the conversation with those around. But you always, always get the trap killers. Therefore I had a heartfelt chuckle and then applause, while reading Lady Civet's offering on the official World 60 penguin thread, on the RSOF. Here it is:




(In case it isn't obvious, try reading again with your sarcasm/irony detector switched on. :( )


I always thank the trappers and spotters anyway. In addition to being a well brought up young lady (*pauses for the peanut gallery to stop laughing*), I appreciate the work that they do. The trappers especially are giving up hours of their lives, for the sole purpose of helping their fellow players. So imagine my joy when I said thank you and then read the response:




THE Lady Civet! I met THE Lady Civet! And, fortunately, said 'thank you' before I knew that she was there. :wub:

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I thank them when I see them and occasionally thank them in RSOF (free dungeon exp).

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