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Four Years Behind! [email protected]

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For Christmas I decided to use up some of the lei si money my relatives gave me on the latest Golden Sun game. It was disappointingly easy, with not a lot to explore or do compared to the first two games, and I beat it in only a couple of days. It got me back into playing the DS, however and I managed to score a used copy of Pokémon Platinum for 20$ as a result.


Holy poop, is this what I was missing?!? Why didn't anyone tell me?!


I couldn't get into Ruby/Sapphire for some reason, which was aided by the fact that someone stole my GBA, which had my copy of Ruby inside it. I've been more or less out of the pokeymans loop for the past 6-7 years, which is kind of weird... because I still read pokémon fanfiction... SHUT UP! MY MOM THINKS I'M COOL.


The GTS is really neat! I had heard that you could trade pokémon over the intarwebz, but I figured that the process must be really complicated or maybe you needed to buy some accessory to make it possible. 25 hours into the game I managed to score a chimchar for a male heracross I found in a honey tree. :/ I've also bred about 10 eevees so far. I think I might stop at 12, because I'm getting a huge backlog of unhatched eggs, but 16 was the original plan. I've also got pokédex fever now, and even though I'm not even halfway into the game I'm trying fervently to get every damn pokémon. I've gotten to the point that I'm catching at least 3 of every pokémon: one of each gender and a spare female, even more if the pokémon can evolve, so I have one of each evolved form as well. This is all to appease the compulsive urge telling me that I will need them in case I find a good offer in the GTS asking for a random 'mon that I happen to have... which was just fed even more by the fact that I managed to get that chimchar.


Soon enough I'm going to get to the point where I want the first, second and third-gen legendaries, and it's pretty damn unlikely that I'm going to find any non-hacked ones on the GTS that are requesting anything that I even have, or am willing to part with. I know exactly where this is going too...


I can probably get away with buying just Emerald + FR/LG and one of the HG/SS games, since the only version-exclusive legendaries they have are Groudon and Kyogre, and Emerald has both anyway. Plus I have the first Pokemon Colosseum, which probably hooks up to my GBA somehow, and I have Ho-Oh, the legendary cats/dogs and both Groudon and Kyogre on there... Which means I probably have to buy another accessory at some point. I'm completely stumped about how I'm supposed to get Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Manaphy. I've been to one Nintendo event in my life, and it was back in like 1998 when Pokémon was super mainstream... and also I didn't even know it was going on at the time until I got there. I doubt they take place in the middle of the mall with the big pikachu car parked outside in 2011. How do you even go to those nowadays? Do they set aside conventions or something? Do you have to drive all the way down to the nearest Nintendo headquarters?


This is all while I have a thesis to do. D:


Why did I ever get into Pokémon? A severe crack addiction is less time consuming, and probably cheaper.




Also completely irrelevant, but when I was typing out lei si I couldn't figure out how to romanize it. I typed out lai see at first before reading it out loud and realising that pronounced that way, it means ****ing yourself. X)

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I remember when I was younger breeding mudkips, I was stupid enough to leave my Swampert in there whilst waiting for eggs to hatch. I ended up with 10-15 mudkips and a purple mudkip. :xd:

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Must've been good for trading out for all the other starters, though! 'specially the purple one.


The reason I'm making all the eevees is 'cuz people seem to like them in trades, especially the girls. More is better. :D

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Most of them have passed, but a couple may happen again.


There are also ones for HG/SS, but they say you need to trade for them to occur.

Damn. Thought as much, but maybe that promo Platinum mew will be showing up in the near future. :o


um... I have a holo ancient mew promo runic card that you can haz :P

Haha, that's a trading card, and I was never into those... unless you count the game for the gameboy colour. Also, I went to that movie as well! I have that card too! I was waiting in the long line with like a gazillion people waiting to see Mewtwo beat the poop out of everyone :D

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