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Moar Pokeymans

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I'm about halfway through Platinum now, with about 115 pokémon caught. Some kid was selling Pearl, Diamond and a Mario game for 10$ (together, not each), so even though I don't really need those, you just can't turn down a bargain like that.


It's pretty awesome, though. The save file on Diamond's been played for about 5 minutes. The kid had a turtwig and a starly and that was it. The Pearl however... Yeesh.


The kid had a save file on there (named PIAM) played for 50 hours, he hadn't even beaten the Elite Four yet, and he had all the legendaries traded to him from another player named JESUS plus he had a duplicate Palkia he'd caught himself. PIAM's team indicated that the kid who owned this cart before me was a total pokemon newb, though. Half of PIAM's team was traded to him from JESUS, and nearly his entire team was made up of Gen I staples... and instead of doing it the proper way and designating a junk pokémon as his HM mule, this kid had decided to teach crappy HM moves to almost every pokémon on his entire team. PIAM's team wasn't very diverse, either; other than HM moves, his pokémon only knew the really inaccurate high-damage 5 pp moves that they learned from leveling up. His team reeked of "I haven't played Pokémon since the original Red and Blue, but I'm afraid of trying new things so my friend is totally helping me out here". Good news for me, though. Free legendaries! And I don't have to go chasing around mesprit and co, wanting to slit my wrists!-.-


Meanwhile, my Platinum is extremely crappy. It freezes frequently - alarmingly frequently in The Underground. I have a strategy for getting goodies out of the underground, which involves digging walls until I see something that I can take out of The Underground, quickly leaving The Underground, and then saving before I return because the game will inevitably freeze every 1-3 minutes when I'm down there. I wonder if it's because the game itself isn't designed for the DS lite, or if it's because there's something else wrong with the game. There's also the really common bug of not being able to see levels of other Pokémon on the GTS, which I thought was something I did originally, until I looked it up. I think I might keep PIAM's save file so I can use that account to check the required levels of the pokémon I need to trade over the GTS. I heard that if you send your game to Nintendo they'll fix it for you, but they'll probably just piss on mine before mailing it back because I bought this dubious copy secondhand.

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