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New Computer

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I've finally gotten my new computer built and it is amazing. I can run Runescape in HD all the time! I got a free copy of Mafia II with my graphics card so I played through it. The story was excellent. Incredibly well done and the graphics are nice but the game is rather short and has fairly repetitive controls but over all it was a very well made game.


In Runescape news.... I've been busy! I've settled into a routine of farming herbs and collecting my kingdom as well as doing Penguins and a few other D&Ds. With that combined with a few highly classified techniques, I've been making a decent amount of money and have purchased a whole set of slaying gear. I'm currently saving up for a Staff of Light and 60 Prayer, both of which cost about 3 million.


Today Merch was on and the whole of Canting took a long walk through the "old-new wildy" before it was back to the "old wildy". It was very fun and I got to try out the Sighted Maple Longbow. Free trade and the Old Wildy will probably return in a few hours so I'm visiting every drop party I can and I think I might check out the new Revenent Dungeon. Now heres a bunch of random screenies.



:D :D :D :/


I was really shocked to see I had this much lol.


So Wolfhe and I bumped into eachother in Edgeville and we were having fun when a guy who was starting to play again came up and asked where he could get Hati Paws. So we and another person went and pwned the Hati Wolf. Twice. Wersopr0.









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