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After 2 Days Of Research



I finally figured it out.


My PC now has 3 IP addresses.

How and why is another story :P


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Did that cause any problems?

A lot of problems.

A friend of mine who builds routers for cisco came down and we took apart my switch and installed it as a PCI card.

That only took a few hours.

Doing the coding and making sure things worked fine was the hard part.


But now I can download at triple the speed :D

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So the IP address problem slowed you down?

I can't go into much detail, as we're going to try to market this device on the black market.

It's designed for stealing internet.


*evil laugh*



What made this the hardest was trying to get 2+ connections to your computer. You'll notice that only one will send or receive any packets.

Hint: We didn't use Windows.

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Send me one!

It works best if you live in an area where a ton of other people live.

If you live in a house that's part of a neighborhood, it wont work too well.

And with IPv6 coming soon, it will make me even harder to track waaaaaaahahahaha

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I live the center of America's biggest city...

We don't have wireless hardware yet... (CSMA/CA problems) so unless you have access to your building's network, it'll be kind of hard.

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