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Animal Abuse?

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So I got HeartGold in the mail a few days ago and it comes with this pedometer thing called a Pokewalker. I tried messing around with it, but it takes like 20 shakes to get a single Watt (form of currency) on there, and an hour of shaking only generates like 20-30 watts. Also, I think you're expected to bring the damn thing with you everywhere, which is kinda unrealistic... so... er.. I came up with a compromise




Is this considered animal abuse?

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Sleepy not referring to herself as Sleepy?



Sleepy is a character, silly. If sleepy played pokemanz on runescape, it'd make perfect sense. :rolleyes:

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if this is animal abuse idk why we have petsmarts -.-


you're cat has more use for it than you do :B

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