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Canting Away Warm Fuzzies Project!

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Hi all. <3 Long time no blog. Hope you're all well. :D


I PM'd Merch Gwyar the other day with a nice little activity I thought that would be great to do in Canting. I took part in this once on a forum I used to go on, and it was really successful at bringing a community closer together. :D And the name fits very well... it brings lots of warm fuzzies. <3


It's a really simple idea. You write something nice and positive about other Canting members, and you'll receive a list of nice things said about you. :-)


I've given an initial deadline of Sunday 20th March to sign up for the event. Sign up by commenting on this blog, PMing me or asking me in-game (you'll usually find me in Canting!).


After March 20th, I'll post another blog to remind you all that the event has started. You'll be able to find the list of participants on my blog - this is when I'd like you to PM me with something positive to say about EVERY individual person on the list. If you have any compliments regarding me... please send them on to Merch Gwyar, my lovely assistant. :) <3


I'll give out another deadline, and after that, I'll send the said positive things to the corresponding people (without usernames/in-game names attached) and allow you to wallow in warm fuzziness. <3 *hopes I explained OK*



Just a few guidelines:


1. Please be positive. :-) No anonymous negativity is allowed, just lots of happy fluffy compliments. Things you like about the person, something about your friendship, something you'd like to know more about the person, etc.


2. Be serious! Meaningful and thoughtful compliments are always the best. There's no point in wasting your anonymous compliment by saying 'LOL UR GUD AT SLAYER' xD


3. If you're new to Canting, get involved with the community more before you sign up. Otherwise older Canting members might have difficulty trying to find something worthwhile to say about you. :-)


4. If you don't know someone on the list that well, try to get in touch with them on Sals or in-game to get to know them!


5. You'll need to have an account on Sals so:

- You can PM me, the coordinator, with the compliments so I can document them.

- I can list your Sals profile on the partipicants list so people can stalk you find out if they have anything in common with you/get in touch with you beforehand.

- I can PM you with the nice things said about you at the end of the event. <3


So comment on this blog, PM me or get in touch with me in Canting if you have any questions/want to participate. :-) Make sure you tell me what your RS username is, and previous usernames if you've changed it recently (or frequently) xD


Much love. <3



PS. Please link this on your own blog to get everyone in Canting involved! <3




List of Participants

1. Tanyakins

2. Pyromancery / Full Gangsta

3. Herty / There

4. Ultralisk

5. Merch Gwyar

6. Armmadylo / Elipsis / YoImArmakins

7. Gonza / Gonzyy

8. Rachy

9. ZacharyB / Hiiiii / Zachekins / Zachman3334 ... Zach, stop having so many usernameserityrioer. @[email protected]

10. Fred kins / fred_lay / Fred-037

11. Whiskas / Calanon

12. Grief / Sabre Grief / Gri3f

13. Fang / Fangy

14. Avicile_Mohaili / Full Of Pie / Dark Oboe

15. Wolfhe / Sabo Wolf / Wolfhekins

16. Kayla / Kayla Gwyar

17. Vaskor

18. Ali / easl33 / e a s l

19. Xx3070

20. Arn b / Arnleg Endol

21. Minerex99

22. Lucas 2am

23. Steveikins / Waste God

24. Arcturus



PS. Minerex made this fantastic banner for the event too. :) You're welcome to use it to link people to this blog. Yay!



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Recommended Comments

*jumps on tanya*


Pick. Me. Noaw.


also we need to go penguin hunting. D:

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I don't know everybody yet, but I'd like to try... Please count me in :)

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Added everyone so far :-)


Nobody knows me. :(


Hey NZ. <3 Well, come into Canting some more, message a few people on Sals... get to know a few people. That's the whole idea. :D You can message a few people first to see if you wanna sign up. Don't feel obliged though. I just thought it'd be fun. ^_^

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o.0 i just joined Canting; no one might know me...


You've been in Canting a lot though, I think everyone would have something nice to say. :3 Would you like me to add you?

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o.0 i just joined Canting; no one might know me...


You've been in Canting a lot though, I think everyone would have something nice to say. :3 Would you like me to add you?

Yes, add me please :lol:

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i even did this for the event . hope u like it .



Added you, and thank you for the amazing banner! Good job, I love it :wub:

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