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Any Old Friends Still Play Rs?



If you're an old buddy of mine, and you still play, post here.

I'll donate a few mil to your cause.


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What about your blog stalkers? :wub:

I thought you were going to be like "what about sucking up to mods?" but then you posted that....


I only have a few mil so...

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I'll take that as "no one still plays"


I'd offer it to Common Sense but he's doin' pretty good as it is.

Yuan plays WoW

Patou is gone

Camhen left us..

Candy is rich and doesn't need money, and I'm not even sure if she still plays.

Lempy is who knows where.

Cxkslei is retired

Shining Mace hasnt been around for years



Okay, who ever can actually get me to log in gets the $$

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I could make a fun game out of this.

First person to find me when I log in?

Ill give you 3M if you tell me were you are

You might be losing money XD

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I'm at the GE if you wanna donate :3

I'm not going to log in tonight. I'll be going to a friends house.

Just see when I'm online tomorrow.


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I like how anything related to free money gets so much attention and comments :closedeyes:

Most of the people posting here are my friends.

Anyways, I think Click This is going to win.

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