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My 1000th Blog Entry

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Merch Gwyar


TL;DR: My 1000th blog entry; tyvm for reading it.


This is my 1000th blog. I'm not the first on Sal's to get that. That honour belongs to Desireful, who posted his 1000th blog on February 21st 2011. In truth, I could have got there first, as I could see it looming on the horizon, but I couldn't think of what to do for it. For my 500th blog, I held a kind of raffle. In my 499th blog, I asked people to comment with their favourite blog entries to date. Their names all went into a kind of raffle, with the winner coming with me on an epic adventure. The report on that was the 500th blog and it detailed all of the drama of a day out with Vaskor. I was going to do something similar again, but then Jagex announced Bonus XP Weekend. Who on Gielinor would want to hang out with me, when there's BXPW going on? :o


So I waited. I saw Desireful get to 999. I debated just pipping him to the post. Then I thought, 'Nah, Desireful's lovely, let him have it'. Plus it let him set the predecent and I could just copy him, without having to think up what to do myself. So he reached his 1000th post and... wrote about 99 firemaking. I'm nowhere near 99 firemaking! :o And what kind of predecent is that? What if future Slammer bloggers have already got 99 firemaking, long before they post 1000 blogs? :aware: So, for my 1000th, I'd like to say that I didn't get 99 firemaking. I failed. :lol: So, in lieu of that, I'm going to do what I do best. I'm going to waffle incessantly and hope that there's someone still reading at the other end. However, as Desireful set a standard of realising long-term goals, then I will achieve one in this blog too. Here is your clue:



Anyone recognise the slayer?


My Runescape blog means a lot to me. I know that it's probably fashionable to say that Runescape is just a game; Sal's is just a fansite; and this is just a bunch of writing in the arse end of it. But it's not. Not to me anyway. Runescape is fun, but this blog has saved me more times that many people reading might realise.



Before I'd ever made it to Canifis and gone hat shopping.

I started writing this blog, on April 5th 2007, almost exactly four years ago. At the time, I was suffering from nervous exhaustion and I was having tests because of irregularities in my heart. Workaholicism and prolonged, high pressure stress had taken their toll on my health and sanity. This blog became an anonymous place to scribble down the things that were helping me relax. It taught me to have fun writing; something which had been woefully lost in my life. My self-esteem and confidence were shot. I was on medication and I shook all of the time. People started reading this blog and the comments were wonderful. They were little injections of super restore potions. My IRL stats were creeping back up to normal. Four years on, I don't shake. I'm good. I'm healthy and I think I'm sane. >.>



Vaskor and I, having walked from Port Phasmatys to the west coast of Tirannwn

It took just a year to write the first 500 blog entries. March 22th 2008 was when I was 'On The Road With Vaskor'. It then took me another three years to write the next 500. Part of that was because of all the nervous energy that I was using up during that first year. Another part was that I was made redundant in 2008. With the job market as it is in Britain (highest rate of unemployment since 1994), I was out of work for the next 18 months. That might read as lots of Runescape playing time, but it wasn't really. It was lots of pouring over job application forms and revamping CVs, which all got lost in the ether, without so much as a rejection letter as the recession ran on. Finding a job IS a full-time job, when there are none. Runescape existed for fun, but blogs didn't necessarily follow.


Nothing can quite prepare you for the drip-drip erosion of self-worth, as being unemployed for a long time, whilst actually trying to find work. Once again, it was this blog that came to the rescue. I don't usually write about real life in it, but I had a moment. In and of itself, it was no biggy. Someone in-game had complained that I was too slow in Barbarian Assault. See? It should have been water off a duck's back. But it was Barbarian Assault and I knew that I was great at that game, but evidently not good enough. The psychological parallels to life are obvious, in retrospect. When two Bachelor degrees, a Masters and a 22 year working history (first job at 14 ftw!) weren't good enough for any job I was going for. I burst into tears, then burst into blog-writing. The beautiful and wonderful chivalrous gentleman that is Fred Lay learned that I was unemployed, right at the moment when he found himself in need of a writer.


I write for the love of writing. Nevertheless this Runescape blog, at its inception, contributed greatly to restoring my health and sanity; then it secured me paid employment just at the time that I'd given into despair over the same. What's not to love about it?



Of course, the biggest boon of all is that this blog has brought me so many friends. Ever since Whiskas (now Calanon) escorted me past ice trolls ('The Wonder of Whiskas88 and the Fremennik Isles'), people have been reading my random panicking and rushing in to help. Half of Gielinor has rescued me from from Guthix-forsaken hole or another. Yet more have shyly introduced themselves or else extrovertly hailed me from across a crowded GE and deposited themselves firmly into Canting Away.



Yesterday, somewhere in Runescape. Welcome to Canting, XY6. :P

The moment that really sticks in my mind was during those dark days of Nomad, when it seemed that I'd never get my quest cape back. Random strangers detached themselves from bank stalls and traded me Sara Brews, super restores and kind words of encouragement. I'd log onto Sal's to PMs from the like of Teacuptime, telling me that someone had come into Canting, and asked him to take supplies for me. I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love during that time. I think the sheer wave of it inspired me to finally make it through that fight. :/


I could waffle on for hours about all of the amazing friends, and the ever entertaining and supportive Canting Away, that I have made through this blog. I could list all of your names and I'd still be bound to miss someone. Therefore I'm just going to say, 'You know who you are and I love you for being you. All of you. Stay beautiful.'


Now for my big achievement! Are you ready for this? Did you recognise the person pwning Ice Strykewyrms in the first picture? So here we go!


We home teleported and arrived together to find Lilshu surrounded by friends and giving out his things. I took nearly 2m gp worth of stuff on the understanding that he's coming back soon to take it back. I've just got it for safe-keeping, that's all. He assured me that that was indeed the case, but added that I'm to use the stuff until he does. I've pmed him here at Sal's to point out that he's got to be back before January 10th, or else I won't be able to give him his stuff back. He said he'll try, but he doesn't think he's going to make it. ;-; We followed him to the gates of Lumbridge Castle to see him off. He passed through and just disappeared off into his non-Runescape future. :/



Lilshu entrusts me with his shield: '

A Rollercoaster Day in Runescape', December 29th 2007



The shield's return thwarted by Free Trade Act:

24 Hour Party People, December 29th 2009



Lilshu gets his shield back, March 16th 2011



The shield was worth 50,000gp when he lent it to me;

it's now worth 305,100gp! That's inflation, kiddies!



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3



And thank you for the loan of your shield, Lilshu.

It kept me safe through many years of boss fighting!


Long term goal/achievement realised: Lilshu's shield, returned. TICK!


TL;DR: My 1000th blog entry; tyvm for reading it.



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