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Revised List

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Not so heavily dependant on getting all items from things, merely completing all the miniquests/unlocking everything set by Jagex. Previous list can still be seen a few posts down.




- 2496 total

- all quests done

- all diaries done

- all music unlocked

- 4k chompies

- all champ scrolls

- lvl 5 all Barbarian Assault roles

- Inferno adze

- All locations with Jennica's ring found (Thanks to Gilly 2811)

- B2P unlocked

- 300+ MA

- all court cases

- maxed Dahmorac statue replica (in your house)

- access to abyss

- ghostly robes miniquest done

- all 3 god spells outside arena

- all baloon routes unlocked

- Tarn killed

- barbarian training

- Hopespear's Will (Miniquest after Land of the Goblins - Thanks to Gilly 2811)

- max kudos

- mogres unlocked

- knight waves done

- Looting Movario's base (After WGS - Thanks to KarashiKaiju)

- shadow sword miniquest done

- wizard burial miniquest done

- maxed Ivandis flail

- fully unlocked white knight armoury (Thanks to Kingly Robin)

- Capers (the extra tasks after Buyers and Cellars - Thanks to Gilly 2811)

- All bosses in Desert Slayer dungeon killed (Thanks to Gilly 2811)

- All Enchanted key locations found (Thanks to Gilly 2811)

- Receive a mint cake from Gnome at Poison Waste (Thanks 31O)

- Getting a pet Dragon

- Fetching all teeth for the Tooth Fairy.

- Lighting K'chunk's fire on Mos Le Harmless and fixing the bridges.

- Unlocking the entrance to the cave by Gu'tanoth and taking the herbs.

- Gathering Scabarite notes in the desert.

- Hunt for Surok.

- Wishlist of the Odd Old Man and slaying the Skeletal Horror.

- Getting an Elite clue scroll after Do No Evil.

- Giving 25 Chimp ice to Awowogei after Do No Evil.

- Getting a purple cat.

- Crafting jewellery after Gunnar's ground

- All emotes unlocked

- Unlocking Trollheim tablets after A Love Story

- Stealing a Craftsman's monocle from Urist Loric after Buyers and Cellars

- Corp cave after Summer's End

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Every void piece in elite form


All court cases


Pimped cannon

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