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Whoop De Freaking Doo

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Completely hypothetical situation here.


You're the intern on some committee for some state government regarding some thing. You're an intern in hopes that one day you'll be on the committee, but the evaluation process for interns is pretty selective so you gotta be really good to get in there in the first place.


It's a good thing, right? You'd wanna keep that position.


So let's say, hypothetically, that the committee doesn't want the interns anymore. They're annoying, they don't do anything, they laze around, they drink all the coffee, whatever.


The committee gives the interns one last fighting chance to prove that they're worth keeping on.


What would you do?


Well I'll tell you what I would do.


I wouldn't act like a complete fudgeing idiot like CERTAIN FORMER DMs.


What the fudge was going through your head Desireful? Honestly? Calling Don a fudgeing pedophile? Exactly how is that going to help our case? Last time I checked, we're trying to keep ourselves in business here, not give them more firepower to use against us.


And to the rest of the DMs, what the hell? Sryen, Tabt, and Finway; you're just gonna sit back and let this happen? Do you guys care? How can you choose NOT TO PARTICIPATE in something that directly affects all of you?


And you redmonke? What the fudge is your deal? I thought you at least would have some reasoning, instead of just not giving a fudge and getting yourself demoted like a complete idiot. I respected you once. That respect is now gone. Enjoy the mediocrity of sitting in your Tech Support forum for the rest of eternity.


And fudgeing Adam. The only god damn reason you're on board with the respected member thing is in hopes of you becoming one. You're nearly as pathetic as Venom. There's a little brown on your nose...


I'm gonna try my best to keep this Respected Member thing from going live, because it seems like I'm the only one left who gives a damn.

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This has just gotten to the pathetic level now. I'm not talking about you or anyone specifically, Samsara, but I thought I left middle school and its drama a long while ago.


If this is an april fools prank I'm sort of glad, but then again it's gone way over the top. If not, well I can honestly say that a lot of people I won't look at the same way again.

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