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To be honest, I think Yuanrang and Venom deserve a round of applause because they were definitely (in my opinion) the highlights of this whole charade. Also Adam because he played the biggest role in planning this whole thing. :D


Oh yeah and Donovan for taking so much flak from me and Desireful. :xd:


I think it's already noted, but I'd just like to add that if you felt offended by any of the staff (including us DMs), please don't. Nearly everything that any one of us said in the past few days has all been in favor of the joke and I apologize on my behalf and on everybody's if you got offended.


Oh yeah and you guys totally stink it was the most obvious joke ever lololololo :P


And screw redmonke. My performance = :P

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Yeah this whole thing was great. and I get an awesome custom title: ( . Y . )

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That's cool Yuan. Not like I complimented you and then you just comment not even addressing the content of my blog :cry:

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You just stated something I've known the whole time. :glasses:


In all fairness though, I'm flattered, I'm just not going to get into a discussion on who was the best or not because, judging by all the epic fun we had in the DM topic discussing the prank, I feel everyone deserves a nice pat on the back. :ice:

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Yeah lilshu too :P


Meh let's give everybody a pat on the back like yuan said. Even ole Sparhawke!

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I was totally gonna post about how Yuan is the most elitist love-child I've ever seen, but I decided that would be inappropriate.


And what did Spar do? >.>

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