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Panera Job~

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Got the job, but apparently need working papers? :)


Whatever. I still have ~530 to my name so I have a lot more wiggle room now that I have a job at least.


Also I've been telling myself that if Dalisa or Alexa were to text me I'd reply "What do you want" or "Who is this" but I'm not really sure how i'd react given the circumstances or how I feel at the time. I've noticed that Stereo Love has been playing a lot more on the radio lately (mine and Dalisa's "couple song" or whatever) but whatever. It's kinda ironic that my and Erin's song is more fitting for the situation I'm having with Dalisa right now. :3

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Don't even answer.

There's always that, too.


Also someone deleted my atheist-christian post in the racism in the US topic. ;_;

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you can get working papers by just going to the office at school and telling the nice doggy!es u need working papers. at least thats how it was in my day.

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