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Come Spend Your Millions Here

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Merch Gwyar


I was so close to level 87 dungeoneering that I wanted to get it before I started adding extra RAM to my computer. After all, I might mess the computer up again and be into another saga involving Sal's Tech Forum. (Sends another -.- to the people there.) I loitered in Daemonheim, fully prepared to do solo dungeons, but Canting Away had people in it who traditionally like to dungeoneer, like Litster25. I dropped subtle hints like, "Litster, do you fancy dungeoneering?" But he has a pact with his brother, Ritster21. The older Itster was in bed and his brother wasn't about to kick him out of it, even for a dungeon with me. ;_; I could also see Coss in there (currently called Canting), but he must have been doing something. He wasn't answering anything said to him in chat, so I left him be. (The new etiquette of the all pervasive clan chat - being in there doesn't necessarily mean that you're available for conversation. We all like our downtime.)


I gave up and meandered up into the foyee. There I spotted EnglishGlad asking the handful of passers by if anyone would do a dungeon with him. Yes! I would! I signed up into his team and waited. EnglishGlad was thrilled. He's combat level 23 and he had two people over combat level 120 now in his party. Then he dropped the bombshell. He'd never actually been in Daemonheim before, let alone done a dungeon here. He was just checking it out. I clarified, "What floor have you unlocked?" "What are floors?" "Ok." The other person dropped out, so it was me and him. I was good. We duoed floor one, complexity one, with me pausing to tell him what I was doing and why. It was his personal introduction to dungeoneering, which we passed through without incident. We even killed Frostweb together. I had already done floor one, so I ended up with about 600xp towards my needed 28k.


As EnglishGlad joined Canting, I recommended that he solo the next dungeon. If he had any queries, then he could ask in Canting. He'd had a warm welcome and there were more than enough of us to help him. I was poised to solo a medium dungeon of my own. I can get about 11k-13k for those floors in the single digits. I also thought that I was nerfing the bosses for EnglishGlad. They had all been up in the 50s and 60s, which is fine for me, but when you're level 23, that's dangerous. EnglishGlad promptly went into to solo his own dungeon, but reported bosses at level 111 and 96. I admit that my eyes widened. How was that possible?! But iWert was now in Canting too and he asked if he could join us. That was that then! EnglishGlad came out, iWert joined us and we largely repeated floors 1, 2 and 3, as those were the highest that EnglishGlad could go. (Mind you, he left there with level 14 Dungeoneering!)




The dungeons might have been giving me crap xp, but they were very short. iWert and I made short shift of the rooms, clearing them all out for the extra xp, while EnglishGlad wove between us, grabbing keys and opening doors, as soon as it was safe for him to do so. Dungeons lasted for about 10 minutes, at most, as we weren't particularly rushing. iWert got a katagon 2h bound out of it, when we finally reached a complexity where mines appeared. I couldn't really do much to improve upon EnglishGlad's weaponry, as his combat was too low. I did have him bind his novice rapier though. Bit by bit the xp piled up, until suddenly, whooosh! Level 87 happened for me!




There was a kind of inevitability in finishing then. While I was happy dancing over my level, EnglishGlad was saying that he'd explored Dungeoneering now and was a bit bored. He was frustrated that he couldn't really help with the room clearing in there. He was constantly being told, by me or iWert, to run and hide, as mages attacked. It wasn't fun for him, just standing around behind walls, feeling like a leech. iWert called it, "Shall we consider that our last Dungeon then?" "Yeah." We all climbed out. I'd promised to make EnglishGlad a bow, out in Gielinor, as he wanted to train range more. However, I got side-tracked by dancing on the roof-top with iWert. We weren't really paying attention to chat, until I happened to glance down and saw a remarkable exchange.


EnglishGlad had just asked, probably ironically, "Will anyone here lend me 1m gp?"


Scheffer Z replied, "Yes, EnglishGlad."


iWert and I exchanged shocked glances. "Did Scheffer just agree to loan EnglishGlad 1m gp?" I asked. iWert was just stunned. It certainly looked that way. We race to the stairs and Parkoured down to the floor. Grabbing hat, cape and, most importantly, amulet of glory, we both teleported to Edgeville. This is where Scheffer and EnglishGlad were arranging to meet up. It really was happening. Scheffer was asking EnglishGlad how he planned to repay it, after all, this was a loan.






Scheffer blithely shrugged off mine and iWert's questions. "He's a clan mate. You help out your clan." It put my oak bow into perspective, especially since I've only just realised that I never actually even gave it to EnglishGlad! :yay:


Moreover, that wasn't the last time that it happened that day! Last night, Tanyakins announced her intention to check out the Livid Farm, as she hadn't been up there. Neither had I, so I asked if I could come too. Teacuptime was already up there. Before you know it, the place was swamped with Canting members. There were at least half a dozen of us, plus one Slammer. I only stayed for about half an hour, but it was interesting enough. (Apparently it gets very old, very quickly, when you're on your own attempting the full 30 hours.) Fred appeared, trailing his phoenix, and throwing confetti over us. (Isn't it a bit of a fire hazard to have a flaming phoenix AND confetti?)


In the midst of all of this, Reaver appeared on-line, asking about this new clan malarkey. Reaver is not only original Canting, but was a general of the clan too. I offered to come and invite him into the new clan chat, so he could settle in. I then had the issue of getting to Lumbridge, while on Lunar Magic. I didn't want to change to normal, as I do have some runecrafting to do. I gloried to Draynor and ran down to meet him at the castle fountain. Once he was invited in, I sorted out his admin status, while we caught up on our lives. Suddenly Reaver traded me. I accepted the trade and there was just over 1m gp in there.


"I haven't got a fish." I winked at him (in-joke from the early construction days).


"No, have it." Reaver urged me. "It's better being used than languishing in my bank. I don't play anymore."


"Keep it against the day when you do come back."


"I'm not coming back."


"Y u make me cry?" I demanded, doing the crying emote over and over again.


Reaver did the cry emote, followed by the blowing kisses and finally resorting to the turkey emote, but I wasn't taking his money. "I'm not encouraging you to have a life! Come back to Runescape, nub!"


"If you don't take it, then I'll just give it to a random noob." Reaver warned. I ignored him and started reminiscing about the good times. Like that classic moment when I was in panic attack, after PKers had attacked me in the Wild. I'd found Reaver in Lumbridge then and babbled at him. He'd come away from the crowd with a blue heart above his head. It had been the perfect gesture. I was pretty much babbling now, then realised that I was talking to myself. An onlooker just went, "..." But Reaver wasn't in front of me. I looked around. He was over by the main gates, with a level 16 player. DAZombiezz was in shock.


I hurried over to find DAZombiezz gushing out his thanks and telling me what had happened. Reaver stood beside us, smirking.






I really don't begrudge DAZombiezz that money. (S)he was so excited! It was lovely to watch, even if it was Reaver giving away money as a gesture to say that he had no intentions of coming back to Runescape full time. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of DAZombiezz, before (s)he logged off. Probably in shock and in case anyone asked for it back. -.- I did get one of me and Reaver seconds after DAZombiezz disappeared though.




But you know what all of this reminded me? We used to do things like this all of the time. Before Free Trade and the Wilderness were taken away, in the days when none of us had 2 gp to rub together, there were often those random acts of generosity. That's how I got my whip. That's how most of my house was built, between level 50 and 65. If someone died, then we all clubbed together to replace their stuff. We had days when we'd buy armour, from iron to mithril, then hand them out to newcomers to the game. There is still generosity and kindness now, but those years when Free Trade was taken away has taught us to be startled by extravagant gifts and gestures. Reaver reminded me exactly what it was I mourned all of those years. The old Runescape, when Capitalism didn't have such a hold on our sensiblities. -.-


Ok, Reaver, you made your point. Come back now.

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The old Runescape, when Capitalism didn't have such a hold on our sensiblities.


Agreed, though that said, there are still alot of generous players out there... I found this out when I started tradeing items to see how far I could go with it...


Anyhow, great blog post, looking forwards to more... This might just get me back into Runescape again.



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I feel really bad to keep getting first entries on blogs :s


Very nice generous read :) But I still don't think you should do mediums!


Also I really really really want members back, these blogs and the occasional thrashing of ftp in fog makes me miss it :/ Damn you A levels!

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Runescape may no longer draw my interest, but I'll be sure to always give your blog a visit. :D

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