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Who Would You Be More Afraid Of

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A majority of the time weapons are used as deterrents (sp?) rather than as a means of defence, and I'm pretty sure a flail would be much more of a deterrent than a gun.

I'd be more afraid of some skinny white kid with a gun than some skinny white kid with a flail.


luv u shu for dis


black guy with flail/gun

white guy with flail/gun

south east asian guy with flail/gun

south asian guy with flail/gun

wats mor skery???

dont b meen 2 ppl tho guise!!




Sony are considering refunding people for erm...something. Article down below. I presume it's Playstation+, Netflix, Hulu, DC Universe online and cancelling bank accs/cards

nise work sony. You guys are rlly doing well!!! Not informing us about the problem, even tho it was like 5 days after the problem :( w/e moving to pc gaming :L



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Same. They'd probably be crazier and more likely to actually use it.


Plenty of people who own guns are calm, reasonable people who have no intention of ever using it in combat. People who own flails? More iffy.

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I'd be scared of anyone with unusual weapons. If they actually own one, they're either serious, skilled, or mentally ill, or some combination of the above. XD Of course, a pistol is the only weapon I wouldn't even think about fighting against unless I'm already close enough to grab it, and even then it would usually be stupid.


A gun is more dangerous than other weapons, but the people who dare to use other weapons are usually more dangerous than people with guns. Unless you're real good at reading people or real good at fighting, I wouldn't challenge anyone who has either.


I've always wanted to learn some variety of sword or staff fighting, but I wouldn't exactly look normal carrying either of those around, and swords probably wouldn't be allowed anywhere... XD Kind of useless if you can't even carry around your weapon, lol. Something small like throwing stars would be cool, though.

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