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My Actual Royal Wedding

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See previous entry for how things should of gone


Got up, played a little Portal 2 with a friend


Went to the gym and ended up watching the opening to the gym, Kate looked amazing


Went to a mates barbecue party, was drunk by 1 pm from drinking games and chili shots


Chilli shot: Fill a glass with chilli powder, add vodka, filter the mixture out after mixing and let your stomach rot, I had 3 of those ;)


Then I went back to mine, camoed up with some friends for a jungle themed 18th, still smashed off my head


Got to the party, drank even more, showed off my great dancing :P (only on an rs forum) had quite a nice time and got annoyed at the fact that only was everyone in a relationship but the fact my friend had ditched us for the second part of the Dr who gathering we have to score some gash at a bad film, not cool


I then got home around 2am, it is now almost 8 and I have yet to sleep -.- fudge you shopping channel and headaches

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