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Aps, Man Status Etc.

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Two more weeks left of high school! And a good thing, too - I'm getting extremely tired of doing work. I don't mind the non-work parts of school because I finally have a downright good social life, but my brain doesn't have much room left to learn anything knew, and I'm getting really apathetic. I barely care that I have my AP Government and Politics exam in two days; I already know that I'm going to get the top score. I don't even try in that class anymore; every practice exam I take, I inevitably get far above the minimum grade necessary for a 5. I'm thinking of changing my second prospective major to political science, because this stuff is so much easier for me than mathematics - I have a straight B in AP Statistics, which I'm taking an exam for this Wednesday. I do care about that, but the cutoff for the top grade is so low that I don't care especially about that one, either: I can get partial credit on all six open response questions, answer one-fifth of the multiple choice incorrectly and still come away with a 5. Easy.


I went to meet Ralph Nader in Boston on Thursday and got his autograph. (He was speaking at a church across the street from Harvard. I wanted to tell him that my grandmother had gone on a date with him once - a true and kind of funny story - but I didn't have time.) Then I got home at around midnight, tried to do my playwriting homework, fell asleep at the computer, woke up at three and finally did it, then did my precalc and went into school with a sombrero and poncho to give to the junior class's vice president, who'd requested them for some random thing in Spanish class. He never showed up and my playwriting teacher (who is a 21-year-old college student and isn't even going for a teaching degree IIRC) got mad at me for not watching a couple of sitcoms that I'd been assigned to watch. So whatever, I guess my grade goes down. I already have a B (because she doesn't know how to grade), so that's actually pretty bad.


Remember Tina, the girl I mentioned like twice about six months ago, as a girl I was considering starting a relationship with? Well, she's my prom date now, platonically. Which is the way I want it, because she's the ex of my best friend "Dean" and I don't think a relationship with her would work out that well anyway. We get along really well, which never ceases to surprise me, since I've gotten a lot better with girls but have yet to process that internally, and I'm definitely looking forward to the prom, but unfortunately awkwardness might arise because of the estrangement between her and her friend groups and some of my other friends, like Dean. My social networks are like a spiderweb. High school reunions are going to be awkward. I'm just glad that virtually nobody appears to dislike me, so at least not much of this drama affects me personally.


My 18th birthday was a few weeks ago, and I had several friends over for pizza, cake, ice cream and Toy Story 3. Brilliant success, even though it was the day before Easter and so a lot of people changed their plans at the last minute. I requested donations to an anti-human trafficking organization for presents, and got about $75 in that way. I had my friends from the comedy troupe, Tina and her BFF, a freshman and sophomore from youth group, a junior friend of mine who does theater and my brother there, and it was actually a perfect size. It was too bad Dean couldn't make it.


I'm going to a Model UN conference at the University of Southern Maine next week, representing Lithuania. Huzzah?


So yeah, there's my life. I enrolled in Gordon a few weeks ago, still waiting to hear back from Dartmouth. I might not hear back until August. Apparently Dartmouth had a 5% acceptance rate this year, so I suppose I should be honored to even make it onto the waitlist.

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