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Oddly Linear Dream

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I was a 15 year old girl with really curly brown hair who lived in a huge estate with a lot of servants and a grandfather who beat and raped her. She heard a fortuneteller say that unless she escaped, she would end up on the floor with her tongue torn out and her face beaten into something unrecognizable, with her best friend dying beside her.


The girl decides to amass supplies for an escape by sneaking into a nearby town and buying them with cash and returning back home and hiding them. Helping her do this is one of her maids, who advises her and helps keep her cache of supplies secret. One day she has to sneak across this field to get to a camping supply store in a large outdoor mall that's members-only. She prints out a fake member card and embarks on a long trip to get to the mall.


Following the advice of people who smuggle into the mall regularly, she crawls in tall grass across the field, holding a flashlight in her mouth that briefly turns on at a bad moment. No one notices, but she's shaken. When it's time for her to cross a busy freeway she mistimes and is almost hit by a car, which swerves and hits a couple who were also trying to illegally cross behind her. She keeps running and makes it safe over to the other side. She squeezes through the thin gaps in the barred fence, barely making it through with her pack.


Safely inside the mall, she uses her cash and her member card to buy supplies in one store, but makes a misstep somehow and the mall security starts to tail her. She notices them and ducks into an area of mostly-empty storefronts.


The perspective shifts to the mall cop as he looks around for her. He checks a couple of stores, and hears a weak cry from another. He dashes into it and looks to the floor, where the girl is lying dead with her face torn off and her tongue ripped out. The maid who helped her battered, and bleeding to death beside her. Her grandfather had found out and tortured the maid until she lead him to where his granddaughter would be, then he had killed them both.


Oddly linear for a dream, and it's strange how it followed a proper storyline. I even woke up right at the end. Somehow it wasn't a nightmare, since I was really hopeful and optimistic for the whole dream, that I would escape from my abusive grandfather and that I was slowly and steadily working towards that goal. My perspective changed away from victims at the end, at the parts that would have been horrific from a first-person perspective.

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