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I Hate The Student Room

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fudgeing coochieish raping twats



Seriously, why are they fudgeing making me and my 7 hour revision week feel bad? These people somehow are able to: acsess the student room without internet, never go out of their house, ever, have no friends and still find time to boast about their sad little lives on The Student Room...



*realises I'm posting on a Runescape forum*




First exam tomorrow


What am I doing?



EDIT: More scrolling and everyone is saying how shizzle they do in exams, so all they seem to be doing is working their arses off to get Us, retaking to the end of the earth to take uni places


I wish I was dedicated, and had no internet, or played an mmo, or maintained interest in an mmo I stopped playing, or have various alchol problems :D

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I only lurk on there for exam predictions, they're all far too hard working for me :P

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